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1. Why is the registration needed when browsing newsunToys.com? Is there any difference between registration and nonregistration?

1Toys.com is a B2B business web site. She provides the user with the functions of examining the quotation sheet, chatting in the chat room and publishing the articles on the forum, and so on. Therefore, it requires that the user should register at first. Only after registration, 1Toys.com can track the users' information and serve the users. If the user hasn't registered, he can only browse on 1Toys.com and can't share the rest service of 1Toys.com.

2.How to register on newsunToys.com?

Enter the "registration" page to click the chart of "join now".

The first step of entering "registration" page is reading service terms. Under the condition that the user obeys the service terms, 1Toys.com provides the service. That is to say, only after the user clicks "I Accept" which means he accept the service terms, he can go on registering.

The second step is choosing the user name. The user name consists of letter (a-z, A-Z), number (0-9) or underscore(_), but less than 12 characters. The examples of "lucky, lucky_3, lucky3¡­" " are all valid.

The third step is filling in the detailed information. After the system validates the user name's validity and not being occupied, the user can fill in the detailed information. The user should write down carefully.

After you click the "submit" button, the system will display the result of the information. At last, click the "Finish" button to finish registration.

3. After registration, does the information I filled in become effective at once?

In order to avoid invalid users to register casually, 1Toys.com regulates that the account number can't become effective at once after registration. Only after the affirmation of Newsun's Fax and E-mail, the account number will become effective. After a user's registration, an E-mail will be sent to the user's E-mail box. Then Newsun company will Fax to validate the account number as soon as possible. After you receive the information of affirmation, you can use the account number.

4. Does it allow others to share my own account number to land on newsunToys.com?

Does it allow others to share my own account number to land on 1Toys.com? No. The user's account number is only allowed himself to use. At the same time of the user's landing, if others use the account number to land, they will be regarded as invalid users and couldn't land on the system of 1Toys.com.
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